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Shootools is a young company, created by people with plenty of experience in the photo and video industry.
This allows us to understand and meet the current needs of this market and to introduce innovative solutions. We have come up with the idea of developing tools able to fulfil the creative potential of last generation’s cameras and DSLR Video, allowing professionals and amateurs alike to concentrate on the creative, rather than the technical side of filmmaking.


Light, sturdy, precise and quickly operational, our camera sliders conceal an advanced linear tracking system, at the heart of which are special polymer self-lubricating bearings.
The industrial grade rail, made of extruded aluminium, undergoes a particular hardening process (cataphoresis), which optimises the coupling with the bearings in the dolly, resulting in increased smoothness and longer working life.

This is why our products can offer smooth sliding, low wearing, low friction coefficient, maintenance-free dry running, resistance to dirt and dust, light weight and quiet functioning.

They can be placed directly on the ground or on a table, vertically on a wall or on a door frame: with our camera sliders you can achieve a much wider movement range than you could with other expensive rail systems. In addition to this, they are not affected by rough terrain, uneven surfaces and floors: in your shots, there will be no vibrations, shaking or jerking, only your creativity.

Warning: in order to continuously improve our products and services, Shootools reserves the right to modify any of the products and services offered on our website, as well as their prices, at any moment and without notice.


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